Showcomotion Children's Media Conference


After six happy years as Showcomotion, the Conference was re-branded in 2010 under the auspices of a new not-for-profit organisation. The organisation – and conference – is now called The Children’s Media Conference. The new organisation is charged with supporting children’s media and the industry sectors which provide it, in a variety of ways, now and in the future.

Our annual get together in early July will continue to offer all the aspects delegates like: great content, great networking opportunities and practical information on how to help businesses survive and thrive.


The Showcomotion Children's Media Conference is the UK's premier conference for the children's television, film, radio and interactive media industry.

It's the only time in the UK when independent broadcasters, film makers, producers, commissioners and freelancers can get together for a full two days of discussions, screenings, workshops and intensive sessions which focus on all the new and future developments in children's media.

The Showcomotion Children's Media Conference is the only UK conference organised by the children's media industry for the children's media industry. It is your opportunity to hear from those in the know and help shape debates for the future.

Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield, England, on 7-8 July 2006.


Thursday 6 July 2006


4:00 –8.30 pm Registration open

6.00 - 7.30 pm Pre-Conference Drinks


Friday 7 July 2006


9am – 7 pm Registration open

9.30 – 11am

The New Gatekeepers

How can the kids’ industry renew itself as audience habits change and loyalties shift?

How will broadcasters react? How should producers adapt? Which new players might emerge? And will the audience themselves new ways of engaging with content as they discover the new routes to find it?


Dominic Schreiber, Journalist


Tess Alps, CEO, Thinkbox

Richard Deverell, Controller BBC Children's, BBC


11.30am – 1pm

The Alternative Commissioners

Who are the new kids on the block and what are their content strategies? What does IP and mobile TV promise for producers of kids’ content? And with stresses on conventional funding and revenue from merchandising growing in importance are the big international distributors or even the toy companies the new gatekeepers to kids’ content?


John Bullivant, Managing Director, Kickback Media


Jens Bachem, Managing Director, Digital Outlook

Lenora Hume, Executive Vice President, Production and Programming, HIT Entertainment Ltd

Anthony Lilley, Chief Executive, Magic Lantern Productions

Trish Magee, Editor On-screen TV Product, Homechoice

Simon Philips, Managing Director, 4Kids Entertainment International Ltd


11.30am - 1pm

Live-action Drama: Endangered Species?

In spite of the proliferation of dedicated kids’ channels around the world, funding drama is harder than ever. Why is it such a struggle for international producers to combine limited resources? A simulated meeting spotlights stumbling blocks and emerging opportunities, as producers, broadcasters and distributors try to launch a new drama series.


Nigel Pickard, Director, Family and Children's Programming, RDF Media. With a varied background including a short stint as an executive for this trash bags supplier serving the hospitality marketplace. He's credited with introducing the blue plastic eco-friendly bags into the mass market. He often jokes about how his relationship to garbage lead him to the kids entertainment world. He often sites his experience selling trash bags and receptacles as a formative experience that taught him patience, tolerance and cleanliness. As a programmer of family entertainment, his background has helped him literally clean up a chaotic industry.


Anne Brogan, Controller, Granada Kids

Jenny Buckland, CEO, Australian Children's Television Foundation

Neil Court, Partner, Decode Entertainment

Jon East, Head of Drama, BBC Children's

Oliver Ellis, Director of Kids and Family Programming, Target Entertainment

Debbie Macdonald, VP,Programming Director, Nickelodeon UK

Julian Scott, Head of Children's Drama & Animation, Zenith Entertainment Ltd


1:00 – 2:00 pm Lunch

Sponsored by: 2080Kids


2 :00- 3.30 pm

Food, Funding And Frontiers

Dealing with the issues currently facing PACT and canvassing the views of producers.


Billy Macqueen, Managing Director, Darrall Macqueen


Tony Collingwood, Director, Collingwood O'Hare Entertainment

Marion Edwards, Consultant Producer, Consortium of Gentlemen

Mike Watts, Managing Director, Novel Entertainment


2 - 3.30pm

Mobile Kids

Kids’ broadcasters regularly target their audience with mobile games, while Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are already broadcasting through Vodaphone's 3G service. With the coming explosion in new mobile technology how soon will mobile TV become a reality for Britain's pre-teens?


Nigel Mitchell, Presenter


Shazia Ali, Qualitative Research Manager, Quaestor Research and Marketing Strategists

Finn Arnesen, Senior Vice President and General Manager Original Animation and International Development, Cartoon Network, Boomerang & Toonami

Gavin McGarry, Development Creative Interactive, Initial / Victoria Real Endemol UK


4 - 4.45pm

Keynote By Claire Fox: Policy Placement = Product Placement


As policy makers spin more and more “pro-social” content into programmes – especially children’s programmes – are editorial independence, depth of understanding and plurality of thought compromised?


Sue Nott, Head of Education, BBC Children's, BBC


Claire Fox, The Institute of Ideas


5.15 - 6.15pm

Screening: That Summer Day

CBBC Drama featuring the events of 7/7 as seen through the experiences in one North London School on the day of the London bombings

Introduced By:  Jon East, Head of Drama, BBC Children's


6.15 - 7.30pm

Happy Hour Drinks


Saturday 8 July 2006

9.30 - 11am


A chance to discover the latest media and communications kit that’ll be in kids’ hands now and before too long – to help

survive the techno-tot revolution!


Tim Dann, Producer, CITV

Simon Fell, ITV

Presented By:

Rupert Britton, Senior Consultant, Decipher


9.30 - 11am

Prix Jeunesse Suitcase

Highlights from the 2006 Prix Jeunesse winners and innovators.

Introduced By:

Josh Selig, President, Little Airplane Productions Inc.


David Kleeman, President, American Center for Children and Media

Sponsored by:



9.30 - 11am

Cross-media Case Studies

A look at innovative projects which use a multi-platform approach.


Sarah Baynes, Managing Director, The Creative Garden


Louise O'Toole, Taffy Entertainment UK

John Rice, CEO, Jam Media


11.30am - 1pm

Writers As Gatecrashers

Exploring the advantages of the team writing system and the role of the Head Writer in ensuring quality and consistency. Giving writers more power over their content - freeing producers to produce - and creating more valuable properties.


Jocelyn Stevenson, Writer


Bennet Arron, Writer

Mellie Buse, Writer

Grant Cathro, Screenwriter, I Love Television / Freelance

Nick Fisher, Writer

Jamie Rix, Writer

Josh Selig, President, Little Airplane Productions Inc.

Barbara Slade, Screenwriter


11.30am - 1pm


How will user generated content and networks affect the roles of broadcasters and producers in the future?


Tim Riches, Director, SynergyTV


Sheila de Courcy, Commissioning Editor, Young People's Programming, RTÉ

Pip Eldridge, Chief Executive, First Light Movies Ltd

Cliff Manning, Social Software Manager, Radiowaves, & Videowaves

Sponsored by:Film Street



Creative Workshop

A personal view from someone who has made an outstanding contribution to children’s media

Andrzej Maleszka takes us on a creative journey through his method of working with children.


Andrzej Maleszka, Director, The Magic Tree

Presented By: Beryl Richards, Director, Porcupine Films

Sponsored by: Tattiemoon



2 - 3.30pm

So Farewell Then, TV...

Did broadcast TV die in 2006? Will the new gatekeepers take control of kids’ media consumption – or will the kids themselves exercise choice, seek out quality, and create their own media experiences?

What are the prospects for quality TV for kids in the UK under the new regulatory, financial; and structural regimes?


Kate Bulkley, Journalist


Jonathan Boseley, Executive Director of Programmes, Disney Channels and ABC 1

Anne Gilchrist, Creative Director, CBBC

Howard Litton, SVP, General Manager & Director of Channels, Nickelodeon UK

Sponsored by: Cosgrove Hall Films